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What's new in iTextSpeed 2.5 for iOS

iTextSpeed 2.5 Supports iPad Pro, Brings a Goregous Design, Word Bundles, Pause, Restart, End, The timer now waits for you. iTextSpeed automatically pauses when another app interrupts or if you get a phone call. Additional achievements and leaderboards keep you motivated.

  • iPad Pro
    Test with the new
    Smart Keyboard.

  • Gorgeous Design
    Clean Lines.
    Bright colors.
    Frosted glass.

  • Word Bundles
  • Pause, Restart, End
    Give yourself pause.
    Run it again.

Word Bundles

Type. Learn. Memorize.

Enable you to test your typing speed with familiar texts, speeches, and more! iTextSpeed is more fun & realistic complete with punctuation, and sentences.


First there was iPhone in all its glory with its magnificent capacitive touch screen which enabled typing at rapid speeds, comparable to computer physical keyboards.

This gave birth to a new wave of innovation, including iTextSpeed.

iTextSpeed allowed you to discover just how quickly you could type on a 3.5inch display, the results were astonishing.

It shot up the charts, amazed at the ability of iPhone to keep up with lightening fast fingers, & for fingers to so quickly tap away as the words appeared on screen, incredible speeds of 89 Words Per Minute were achieved & iTextSpeed was downloaded over 500,000 times.

This lead iTextSpeed to become the metric for the world's fastest typists on iPhone. But alas, iTextSpeed fell from glory with the invent of the 4inch iPhone leaving iTextSpeed centered vertically on screen breaking generations of muscle memory.

Falling further into dis-repair iTextSpeed nearly died when iOS 8 came out. But then... something magical happened!

With version 2.5 iTextSpeed brings you all the best features from iTextSpeed 2 along with a whole lot more fun!

" This is by far the best app for timing the speed of how fast you can text, it's accurate and easy to understand, and I like the design and layout of the app, defiantly deserves 5* and more people should know about it :) "

" This new version is way better it's completely redesigned! :) It flows much better than before, the visuals are awesome, and there's great new content! I have already learned to text faster I used to only reach 34 words per minute max and now can text 48 easily! :) This is fun and it works too! "